Reminders for Friday, October 6th

Swimming at Oak Bay Recreation

We will be walking to Oak Bay Recreation on Friday afternoon. Bring your swimsuit, a towel, and a coin for a locker.

Wacky Friday – Sports Theme

Wear sports-themed clothing for Monterey’s first Wacky Friday.

Homework News

Divisibility Booklets are overdue (Arrange for more time if necessary)

Our first Math Show What You Know (Friday)

Swim and Skate & Google Classroom Updates

Our Swim and Skate dates are set!

Friday, October 6th – swimming

Friday, November 10th – swimming

Thursday, December 14th – skating

Friday, January 12th – swimming

Thursday, February 15th – skating

Friday, March 15th – swimming

Google Classroom: All students have joined our Google Classroom. Parents will be invited to join this week.

Welcome to Division 12!

Our Team: Orcas

Sharon Bowyer-Smyth

Lisa Galway, Alexis Bates-Smith & Kelly Nyan

Exploratories: Drama, Woodwork, Home Ec., Art & Mash-Up

Music: Band 7, Jazz Band 7, Strings and Choir

School-Wide Enrichment / Brainstorm:  Thursdays during Advisory and Block 4 (term 1 & 3)

Physical and Health Education: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays; Social Emotional Learning on Thursdays Block 4(Non Brainstorm days)

Class Information

1. Agendas: 

  • Please check every night 
  • Consider following the same routine daily to help your child remember
  • It is a great way to send me a note.

2. P.E. Strip

  • A complete change of clothes is needed for PE
  • Scheduled PE Days 

Tuesdays (block 2), Wednesdays (block 4) & Fridays (block 5)

  • includes running shoes 

3. Homework Routine

  • Use class time wisely! 
  • Unfinished assignments
  • Read for pleasure (30 minutes recommended)
  • Extra challenges? (Math Problem of the Week, Gauss Math Competiton, Problem-Based Learning, Writing 100 Word Challenges, etc.)

4. Communication / Online Connections

  • Weekly Monterey Emails from Mr. MacIntosh and/or Ms. Litton:  

Next Week at Monterey & Monterey Athletics

  • Google Classroom: Parent invitation will be sent this wee. 
  • Student agendas

5. Volunteer Drivers